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Denise Kirksey is a 35th generation New Mexican, a citizen of the Pueblo of Laguna, and started Turquoise Maidens with her sister, Zoe Magee in 1991. Both sisters are of the Turquoise Clan, and the logo of two women dancing is representative of the value of women in Pueblo culture and the prayers that sustain us all. Zoe left the company in 2005.


Since middle school, Denise learned the love of sewing through home economics classes at Laguna-Acoma High School. She sewed clothing for her husband and children, and created traditional dresses and ribbon shirts for members of her family and community.


Turquoise Maidens began specializing in broomstick skirts and velvet shirts and eventually branched out to include original and custom designs for women and children, deriving inspiration from the high desert landscape and the ancient rock structures that typify the Pueblo.


Denise sold her clothing and accessories at art shows in California, Arizona, and NM, and also at the world-famous Santa Fe Indian Market. In the late 1990s, she opened a small flower, coffee, and gift shop on the Pueblo of Laguna and later relocated to a small retail gift shop in Clayton, NM where her husband works for the State of New Mexico.

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